• Special Interest Group on Spoken Communication

  • Grupo de Estudo sobre a comunicação falada

  • Исследовательская группа речевой коммуникации

  • 口语交际研究协会

  • Groupe d'interêt spécial sur la Communication Parlée


Romance Languages
Multilingualism and Language Acquisition

Anna Gudmundson, Laura Álvarez López and Camilla Bardel

This volume contains a collection of papers that deal with Romance linguistics from two broad perspectives: multilingualism and language acquisition. Some of the contributions investigate these phenomena in the light of language contact, language attitudes and code switching in multilingual societies or multilingual families. Others focus on the acquisition of rhythmic patterns, intonation or even emotions in a second language. Many of the contributions present themes related to oral production or speech. The book in itself is multilingual and includes papers written in Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English.